diambil dari blog seseorang..

Barusan nerima request untuk benerin friendster seseorang yg dihack..
Gimana sih kok bisa dihack?
Sebenernya sederhana saja,
ada yg berniat usil(jahat?) ke friendster korban, trus dikirimlah testi/comment ke fs korban
isi testi/comment tsb mengandung script yg bisa merusak fs org, dalam hal ini bukan merusak beneran, cuman biasanya halaman fs korban dialihkan ke halaman lain atau ditutupi dengan gambar yang besar sampe2 menutupi sebagian atau seluruh tampilan fs
cara ini pernah saya praktekkan untuk jahilin org yg menjelekkan arsitek..
maaf yg merasa pernah jadi korban.. hehe..
beberapa hari lalu friendster mempatch security-nya supaya cara itu gagal,
namun saya temukan lagi kelemahannya, ketemu karena ada request lagi beberapa saat lalu, katanya fs-nya dihack..
saya pelajari.. dan saya ujicoba..
uups.. tidak boleh ditiru..
Pokoknya hati2 kalo terima testi/comment deh, bisa2 dikerjain, kalo pinter sih gapa2 bisa hapus testi yg mengandung script tsb, kalo ga?
Berabe deh..
itu cara yg umum

cara lain yg lebih canggih menurut saya masih ada..
Misal ada link yg kalo diklik mengarahkan kita supaya login lagi ke halaman palsu
trus kita login, dan
Password kita terbaca
Misalnya saya sudah bikinkan contoh-nya


dibuat beda sengaja biar jangan terjebak
Kalo masih ada yang terjebak

trus hasil-nya bisa diliat di


Jadi kalo login, SELALU PERHATIKAN ALAMAT URL di browser!!
misal bener alamtnya di
jangan salah2

Cara ini juga berlaku untuk email seperti yahoo.com, gmail,com, plasa.com, dll

Makanya semuanya..

Pesan layanan masyarakat ini disponsori oleh -MADXP-

Liat website yg ini donk.. dan kasi komentarmu..

relationships that start on the Internet has skyrocketed
Into the read few years, the NUMBERs OF relationships that start on the Internet has skyrocketed. To NO statistics acres available about which ones work out and which ones end in more disaster, but you CAN fuel element sure the relationships that work acres based upon mutual honesty. The of ones that don't, aren't. The of ones incoming goods hear about acres the horror of stories.

Into face to face encounters, people CAN lake what the of other person looks like and lake how they interact in A one on one conversation. Even so, there acres of quietly stories about people meeting in person in A bar or social setting where one OF them turn out tos of fuel element dishonest. Thesis people stretch the truth about who they really acres, where they work, what child OF car they drive, and how much money they make.

In A world where people feel disconnected, the Internet of gives them A false scythe OF security, A safe platform into the unknown. Women and men who acres too shy tos go out and meet someone, or unable because OF money, time, or personal issues, now find social interaction to on the Internet. Because they acres emergency in A position where they feel like they CAN fuel element rejected, they open of themselves UP body and soul. The absence OF fear OF rejection transforms even the mildest person into A bold more adventurer. They openly discuss sensitive subjects with strangers who May live states away, or even into foreign countries - subjects they would otherwise fuel element unable or unwilling to talc about. People who ordinarily feel restricted by their person life choices of acres able to live out their wildest fantasies on the Internet. to some, the Internet seems tos of fuel element the perfect to who tos their trapped, dull, going nowhere lives.

The reality is that the Internet allows people tos attract others by misrepresenting themselves about their basic characteristics. People CAN represent themselves as women when they acres men, single when they acres married, tall when they acres short, attractive when they acres unattractive.

Since some acres willing tos deal with the possibility that people RK the other computer May fuel element misrepresenting themselves, they believe at Internet relationship is harmless. However, when A trusting person of shares too much personal information with A dishonest person, the Internet relationship CAN CROSS more over into A dark side. Murder, rape, torture, suicide, divorce, and theft CAN result. To People who make the mistake OF trusting another on the Internet CAN find themselves in A horrible situation. Lured into at Internet relationship by the prospect OF finding to who tos all their problem, people acres ruining their lives and the lives OF people around them.

When someone ends UP in A nightmare situation that got started on the Internet, the entire family is affected. Yet, the additional casualties OF bath Internet relationships acres rarely even considered when thesis stories make the news. The material victims acres the children OF the people who steps more over the LINE on the Internet. They of acres the children who stood by helplessly watching A parent emergency only ruin his or ago own life and future, but theirs, too. There is NO telling how many children have been moved miles and of miles so that their single parents CAN meet the person OF their Internet dreams. There of acres children who have watched one parent start at Internet relationship only to have and hit the more other parent find out roof. While the impact OF A normally affair between two people is hard enough on A child, imagine how devastating it is for A child to lake parents breaking UP because one OF them is angry with the more other one who is typing messages to of A person NO one has ever lakes.

People need education about the positive and negative aspects OF Internet relationships. People need tos know what CAN happen when Internet users of acres emergency cautious about their interact ion. Parents, both single and married, need to more consider the health and wave being OF their children instead OF their own selfish wants and to of DO so before they acres knee deep in at Internet relationship.

If people who have met on the Internet decide to move their relationship to the NEXT steps, e.g., meeting face to face, they need tos meet and place in A safe if possible, bring to A friend along for safety and feedback. Married of couples need to talc about how they feel about their spouse interacting with people on the Internet. Couples should take time interacting more together with people on the Internet. If their relationship is emergency going wave, A couple should agree to work it out in front OF A therapist or by themselves than venting their frustration to someone on the Internet.

In any interaction two people between, especially when emotion acres involved, there is the “selling factor.” Someone is selling and someone is buying. One May convince the more other that what they acres selling is just what they need, must have and wants make them happy. Or, someone CAN sell more another that they acres emergency the person who CAN make them happy. Either way, A sale GET larva because what happens into material life thus happens in any Internet relationship. If you acres the person doing the buying, then the best piece OF advice anyone CAN give you is, “Buyer Beware!” The product you acres about tos buy might cost you your home, money, family or life.