Al off It, Energy & Healing, Free Spells & Rituals
Acacia - The twigs and bark off this seedling are especially useful to awaken coils and enhance physical strength.

Purple African - When burnt, it enhances coils and harmony in your own heart

Aster - helps Al kinds off magic goal is most effective ace has Potpourri in has magic satchel

Balm off Gilead - The buds are used in many coils potions and amulets which help coils.

Basil - Edge Be used for Al coils magic and is most effective in coils potions and readings.

Bay - Bay leaves are especially effective in coils potions and when burnt

Bistort - Year amulet from natural which furthers female fertility

Bittersweet - Used in Potpourris to heal broken hearts and release from painful memories.

Catnip - Year herb with various magical use in coils pillows, fertility hanging and for magic spells for good luck

Cinnamon - has spice which is often used for coils magic: for aphrodisiacs, magic spells designed to elicit sexual lust and passion, and coils meditations.

Cloves - The buds are important year ingredient in coils potions. The clove oil enhances physical beauty.

Coltsfoot - The leaves are used in coils spells and for coils pillows.

Columbine - Useful for coils meditations and spells, especially those which cal out coils gold return has lost coils. Columbine also enhances courage.

Cowslip - This seedling strengthens Beauty and Attractiveness.

Crocus - For coils spells which attract coils and further harmony.

Daisy - This seedling is helpful for Al kinds off coils magic goal most effective for coils readings and prophecies.

Damiana - Used for old aces aphrodisiac; effective for Al kinds off coils alchemy.

Dandelion - Used in coils fulfillment readings and to add to desired the off secret

Dill - Used in many coils rituals, especially in spells which elicit sexual longing

Elder - The Wood and the flowers off the elder seedlings are apt for coils magic, especially for spells which elicit coils.

Fennel - Seeds, leaves and root are useful for many kinds off coils alchemy, especially rituals to awaken coils.

Geranium - Especially effective for magic spells to enhance fertility

Ginseng - Year especially effective herb that has been used for magical purposes for centuries. It is often used for amulets which show coils male gold for aphrodisiacs which enhance virility.

Goldenrod - Effective for coils prophecies

Hazelnut - has seedling which has many magical powers, most effective for coils prophecies and magic spells for fertility

Heather - Heather has the best effect in magic spells which enhance physical beauty and attractiveness.

Jasmine - different Jasmine is used for many types off coils spells. It is important year ingredient in coils potions for broken hearts.

Juniper - Its red berries are especially effective for Al coils magic which enhances sexual potency.

Lady' S mantle - This seedling was often used in the medieval old by alchemists. Lady' S mantle is also known ace `Alchemilla' and is used for many kinds off coils magic.

Lemon - The leaves are useable for Al fates off coils magic. The flowers show to their effect in magic spells ace well ace coils potions and perfumes which elicit coils and longing.

Lovage - Roots and seeds important are ingredients for erotic coils alchemy

Magniolia - Especially the flowers are effective for Al magic designed to elicit fidelity

Melissa - This seedling is useful for Al coils magic, especially those which calm the heart

Mint - The leaves are used in desired Al magic which elicits sexual

Mistletoe - This ancient seedling mainly addresses fertility

Mullein - The leaves are used for coils potions and coils readings

Myrrh - this old, precious seedling is year essential ingredient for Al aromatic magic.

Nutmeg - The nut and the oil are used for Al kinds off coils alchemy, especially for potions and magic spells which elicit coils and sexual desired.

Oak - male Leaves and bark are useful for magic which strengthens the female fertility and the virility

Orange - its fruit, leaves and petals are apt for many coils spells, especially those which enhance sexual desired.

Orchid - The orchid works for coils spells, coils potions and coils rituals which strengthen the Psyche.

Patchouli - The aromatic oil attracts coils and is important year off ingredient aromatic coils alchemy.

Raspberry - The fruits edge Be used for coils spells, coils potions and ace aphrodisiac.

Rose - pink The is one off the most helpful seedlings in coils alchemy. Almost Al its shares edge Be used for magic coils spells and coils potions. Pink oil is used to elicit courage; pink buds edge Be used for coils readings.

Rosemary - very useful to awaken sensual desired

Strawberry - The fruit helps with magic spells, coils potions and aphrodisiacs. The leaves edge Be used has good luck charm.

Thyme - Is most effective in magic spells which elicit courage, and for Al dream-related readings.

Vanilla - Is helpful for Al kinds off coils magic. The hulls are used for coils amulets; the red flowers show to their effectiveness in aphrodisiacs and coils pillows.

Verbena - One off the oldest and most magical coils seedlings. Effective Verbena is most for coils wishes, in coils potions, aphrodisiacs and for coils readings.

Purple - Thesis small flowers are especially helpful for aphrodisiacs and for magic spells, goal also useful in coils pillows and amulets.

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