The best way to be romantic
Question:”I find most women don’t find romantic guys attractive should I pretend I’m not?

No. You should not pretend that you are not a romantic guy. Women love romantic men. The problem is that most men don’t know how to be romantic. They are not romantic, they are obnoxious and clingy. They are not being romantic because they are chivalrous. They are romantic because they are having a hidden agenda. Most men are romantic because they want to get in the pants of the woman, not because they are genuine romantics.

All human beings can smell a liar a mile away. Women are especially good at this. It is a gift endowed by the gods upon them (or by the female to female interactions where lying is a sport sometimes). But most human being just don’t want to accept the truth and lie to themselves to make the lie of the others acceptable. Take a moment and think about a person that you know and about whom you had a bad feeling. Despite the bad feeling you perused the relationship and in the end you got swindled all the way. It happens. The key point is to learn from that experience. Learn to listen to your instincts and you will do unbelievable better.

The idea is if you are a true romantic person then there is nothing to be afraid of. Romantic guys are a rare commodity this days. In a sense a romantic man is a true man because he is not scared shitless from the idea of showing off his feelings. Only a true man will expose his soul to their partner because it takes courage. You never know how the other person will react, risking to get your soul tarnished. That is a risk only a real man will undertake.

Being romantic without a hidden agenda tells the woman the following: you are a gentleman always. No matter the situation. The women will get the fact that you are not romantic just because you want to sleep with them. And that is why women will want to be with you, and spend lustful days beside you. Women will know that after they have made love to you, you will still be the same person that you were before the sex. No turning into a hideous monster after sex and remaining that way till the next urge for sex. You are romantic despite the hot sex, maybe a little more romantic after sex. That way they don’t feel used and tricked by you. They feel good and fabulous next to you, wanting to spend more time with you. Oh the pleasurable times.

So being romantic the right way is actually a huge plus. Women will go crazy after you and the doors to a fulfilling sex life will be wide open. This will become even clearer the moment in which you realize this: being genuinely romantic implies the development of other highly attractive real man characteristics. Some of them are integrity, honesty, a sense of humor and a positive attitude.

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