sexy voice.
After the charity meeting I went into adventure club meeting. And when I entered the room I accidentally banged the door and everyone was looking at me. Yet another embarrassing moment. Wait… there’s more… when I was about to go out of the class I almost trip. I’m such a sad-and-always-embarrassing-herself bitch.
I went home a little late today. After I got home I talked to my mom a little bit and then went up to my room to turn on my laptop but my laptop was gone. I thought someone, somehow stole it. After thinking for several minutes, I finally realized that I brought my laptop to school today and I bimbotically left it in school. I grabbed my car keys and tried to drive as fast as I can to school but the sad-old-lady in front of me was driving very slowly on a ONE WAY LANE! So I had to wait anxiously and patiently and wishing that the sad-old-lady would someone turn or disappear. After excruciating minutes waiting for that sad-old-lady to turn or disappear she FINALLY turned and left me alone. I became cheerful again and started singing my heart out a song by Daniel Powter called bad day. But wait… it wasn’t yet the time to celebrate… in front of me was this Kijang car packed with Indians and they were driving in about 20KM/h on a (as you know might have guessed) ONE WAY LANE. GAD!!!! I guess that was just obstacles given to me from god to test my level of patient.
After that I got back to school and I saw BIG BABIES. *cough and Kirais* if you know what I mean. Fils told me that Patchi was also with friend number five. *kirai
And yea before I forgot… congrats to friend number one for your “First Date”. *batuk
One day…. I was playing basketball… with Jon…. We were asked to pick a number between 1 – 13… I wanted number 7…. So did Jon…. So…. Me and Jon “bercos”…. And He won…. So… now I got number 6….
Another one…
One day… Friend number 1 was at the UCAS talk…. Her name was coincidentally put under number 6….
Wonder why?
Don’t wonder baby because the floor is all yours. Don’t be so in denial the both of you. You guys are so meant to be together. “IT’S A SIGN!!” and you guys look so cute together.
*lalala – victory dance ku yang lame
Next up is Big Babies Saturday lunch date. I can’t wait… the moment that I’ve been waiting for since lunch today. I know it’s sekadar. When it comes to my friend’s happiness it is not sekadar. You guys means a lot to me.
Another Big event that I am anticipating is for friend number 3’s date with *cough Spike cough* or maybe Friend number 4’s date with Wayway or maybe Armani.
Then it will all be perfect.

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