Pubic Hair: to style or not to style
Question: “Do most women prefer shaven pubic area or with hair?”

Well there isn’t a general preferred pubic area haircut. Some women like it bushy. Other like it skin smooth. Other women just like it trimmed and well taken care. I believe that the last one is the general rule. It is more of a middle ground. All women will appreciate a well taken care pubic hair. Trim the hair down and give it a general appealing shape. Especially if you are into oral sex then a well taken care bush is a must. Nobody likes a mouth full of hair. Remember how annoying can be a single hair stuck on the tip of the tongue. Your sexy lover won’t appreciate not one but many more hair fibers in her mouth. It just spoils the fun and erotic mood.

When it comes to stilling the pubic hair you can choose from different forms and hair length. If you are going for a more imposing looking dick then keep your pubic hair as short as possible. This creates an illusion, making your dick look longer and bigger. It is just an optical illusion but it can be an effective one. Sex is a mental activity, the brain being the biggest sexual organ. So if your lover believes that you have a bigger dick probably the sexual experience will be more gratifying. Especially is your woman believes that the dick size matters. The truth of the matter is that dick size doesn’t matter according to scientists. The importance of dick size is just a mental belief for women and for men alike. Let’s get back to stilling the pubic hair. Go out and buy yourself a hair trimming machine. Select the size that you desire and go have fun. Let your imagination loose and create yourself a pubic haircut that makes you feel sexy. Feeling sexy is the goal. So any pubic haircut style that makes you feel sexy is the right one for you. If you are a little daring you could even dye your pubic hair. There are lots of colors to choose from. Your lover is going to be pleasantly surprised for sure. How about making a heart form your pubic hair and dye it red for Valentine Day. Just an idea.

If you decide to take it all off take into consideration the fact that when the hair will grow back it will itch like a mother fucker. Especially is you have never done it before. It takes some time to get used to the itching feeling. But soon you will be able to ignore it because it is just a mundane sensation. Also be prepared to some public awkwardness. The probability of you starting to involuntarily scratch your genital area in a public setting is pretty high. So be prepared and vigilant. But the carnal pleasures that your lover can start offering you the oral way are incredible. No more hair = a bigger area to lick and suck. Well that is a nice sexy thought that makes the whole ordeal worth it.

By the way if you have some money laying around you could solicit some professional help in stilling your pubic area. The main idea that you should remember when picking a pubic haircut is: choose one that makes you feel sexy and erotic. Take into consideration what your lover wants, and what you want and find the middle ground. Feel sexy and desirable, and enjoy nights filled with lust and carnal pleasures.

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