How to spice up your sex life
Question: How do I spice things up between me and my man to make it more exciting and more often?

Now this is a fantastic sexy question. I want to start off by congratulating you for your sexy interest. You are 1 in a million. For sure your man is one of the luckiest alive.
Spicing things up. Bringing more excitement. It is so easy. The key is going first. Yeap, it is that easy. All you have to do is to go first. Get yourself into a sexy erotic state. Exude lust and desire from every fiber of your soul and your loved one will pick up your internal sexual desires. Attitudes are contagious. So make sure your lover catches the right ones. Most women start getting frustrated with their lover if he doesn’t do what they expect. And the lover will pick up the frustration and start doing even less of what he was doing right. The woman will get even more frustrated and the man will do even less. A vicious circle is created that way, leading to an unfulfilling relationship.
If you are waiting for your sexy man thinking how exhausted he will be when you meet. Thinking that he won’t be in the mood, that he won’t take you out, that he is just going to sit and do the same boring old routine then you are right. The moment he will see you he is going to get influenced into that direction. Even if he was into a good and horny mood, that will go away into a flash. That is even truer if you tell him: “I bet you are so tired that you don’t want to do anything.” Well that is a dumb thing to say to your partner if you are looking for more excitement. But there’s good news, you can change the outcome because you are the sole person responsible for it. Your lover is just obeying your orders and desires. He is submissive, getting the mood that you inspire in him. Now take a moment and think: wow my lover is doing what I want. I can have the sex life I have always dreamed of. All I have to do is go towards it. Oh my God the possibilities are endless. Carnal pleasures here I come.
Imagine waiting for your loved one all excited, with a burning desire so great that you are wondering how comes that the house isn’t catching fire. Wear some sexy lingerie, listen to some erotic sexy music, create a sex prone atmosphere. Your man will go wild with lust and desire. He will ravage you the second he will lay his eyes on your sexy, lust filled, body. Get into that sexually charged mood, be sexy all the time.
The best way to keep the fire of desire burning with the intensity if a hundred suns is by flirting. Flirting opens the gateway to better and better sex, more exciting adventures and a lot of pleasant memories to go by in the winter of your life. Flirting is the way to sex. You have to flirt to have sex the first time with an erotic partner. Logic would suggest that more flirting will bring even more sex with the same lover. Unfortunately most people do not think that way. The general perception is that flirting is a chore, and the faster you can get it over the better. Well my message is the faster you get flirting over the faster the sexy sex experiences stop. The only reason for which flirting is a chore is because people do not take the time to master it. Flirting is a skill, and like every skill you have to learn it. Too bad there aren’t any flirting schools. But if you are having a partner then you have the perfect person to start flirting with. In fact flirting with your lover is highly recommended. You shouldn’t think should I flirt now or shouldn’t I. Flirting is the rule, not flirting being the exception. Always flirt.
Men in general are bad flirts. You as a woman have to teach you lover how to flirt. But first you have to learn. You have to go first. And he will learn by example. Flirting is a hugely rewarding activity. From a business point of view it is the sole activity that brings the best return on investment. The more you flirt the more you get back. And what you get back will blow your mind with pleasure. Flirting is the way to the good sexual life.
Maybe you are a little worried about being able to get into a sexy mood. Maybe you haven’t done it in a long time. So I am going to give you a tool to help you out. Take a moment and remember a time when you felt sexy, irresistible and filled with sexual desire. Remember now what you saw, what you heard and what you smelled. Now locate that sexy, irresistible and desirable feeling. Where is it? Feel it. Fell the direction of that sexy feeling’s movement. How does it move? Is the feeling spinning in any direction? If it doesn’t spin in any direction start spinning it in the direction that feels the best. That makes you feel even sexier, more irresistible. Spin that sexy feeling. Spin it faster. Get excited. Spin it even faster. Let the feeling grow and spin it. Spin it and grow it until you feel the urge to rip the clothes off your lover if he was present. Spin it faster and faster until you cannot take the burning desire. Go look at yourself into a mirror. Are you looking irresistible? What do you think your lover will do when he will see you in this sexy erotic state.
As a fun experiment you could try and throw that sexy, irresistible, desire filled feeling into your lover when you see him, and spinning it all or just a part of it through your sexy lover. Let him have it. You can do this anywhere, anytime. See the sexy impact that this makes on him. Does he behave different? Will he rock your erotic sex boat like never before. Well you will have to try it to find out. All you have to do is go first and have the time of your life. Go into the sexy, irresistible and desire filled state as often as possible. With time you should be able to go into that mood in a moment’s notice, living, eating, breathing the best of the world’s pleasures.
This advice can be used by intelligent men also, if they want to spice up their sex life, and turn the page to a new chapter in sexual fulfillment.
I would really appreciate if you would write in the comments below the experiences that you had going into the sexy, irresistible, desire filled mood. How did you feel? What was different? How about your partner?
See you on the other side of life, the erotic sex side of life.

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