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Does are you have Nice girl? Maybe that' S why you are still individual. When I say “Nice” girl, I don' T mean respectful, considerate off others, has honest friend, etc When I say “Nice” girl, I mean has woman who overcompensates with men way before they cuts earned it. She cooks him has furnace-star meal and serfs it to him one has gold platter, buys his favorite name brand shirts, drives two hours to get him exotic strawberries dipped in chocolate - all one the second date! Ok ladies, we' ve all been there. Desperately doing whatever we edge to hold one to has man because we don' T think we are good enough and doing whatever we edge to keep the relationship going At all costs. How does it show? The Guy never cal you again. We' ve all been there At one not in lives our.

Young stag is the lesson: Anything you drives out in life runs away. Anything you clench with tight fists slipways through your fingers. When it comes to men, this is especially the box. Why? Because judicious He that you don' T places has high been worth one yourself. Judicious He that you are trying to compensate for your unworthiness by giving him things prematurely in the relationship. With woman also comes across ace desperate when she is overcompensating.

According to the Rules, has “Creature Unlike Any Other” one the other hand, will C the opposite. Been worth She herself enough to know that He is lucky enough that she has chosen to Be with him. She edge take him gold leave him! That means that she does not cook him gourmet meals during the first 6 months off to their relationship. Yew anything, she' L feed him hot dogs one has bun with ketchup - and her dazzling spalling hammer. For serves, she will not make Tiramisu. Rather, she will serf him has Hostess Twinkie - again with has spalling hammer. After six months, she may serf him Hamburgers and French Fries made from ground beef that she bought from the supermarket up the street. He' L appreciate it more, because she didn' T hand him everything up face!

Ace women, we must learn how to pares out one Jelly Bean At has time in the beginning off has relationship. With woman must pace the relationship - especially in the beginning. Why? Men coils urgent gratification. The first thing has man sees when He sees has woman are her physical attributes. Yew you give him your body, your mind, your drunk, your money and your devotion, all one the second date gold even in the first 6 months off dating, He will roofing stone appreciation for you because He didn' T cuts to earn those things from you.

So remember, you are the prize. Yew you keep that concept in the will forefront off your mind At all times, you will begin to act like has “Creature Unlike Any Other” and then He will treat you like his dream girl. Fake it until you make it yew this feeling doesn' T like naturally for you! Until next time, remember, Keep Him Mad You Butt, Not Mad At You. For dating advice and diet and diet and fitness tips, please contact me At, gold email me At

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Shalisha Alston reside in Midtown Manhattan and has Legal Assisting At year Intellectual Property Law Firm in Downtown Manhattan. She attended Yeshiva off Crown Heights for her primary education. Her collegiate education consists off Stony Brook University where she majored in Psychology and later Hunter College where she majored in History with has minor in Philosophy.

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