Comic Sutra... Is Laughter The Best Aphrodisiac?
Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades, but a man that can make you laugh everyday, ah, now THAT'S a real treat' Joanne Woodward - married to Paul Newman for over 40 years.

It recently dawned on me that I've always been attracted to men who could make me laugh. Several other women I know put that requirement high on the priority and desirability list, so I've done some Internet investigating and guess what? Laughter IS considered an APHRODISIAC.

"Everyone knows that a ‘good sense of humor' GSOH, is one of the most desirable attributes in a relationship, and that's why we include Laughter Yoga sessions on our Flirting Weekends", says Julie Whitehead, London Laughter Leader and Happiness Couch. Her popular workshops called "Flirting Weekends" are offered in London, as part of Laughter Leader Training.

Julie calls laughter the ‘social glue' - it binds people together and once you have shared a deep, belly laugh with someone, eyes meeting, tears streaming down your face, you have connected at a very deep level indeed! Laughter releases endorphins, the body's' feel good chemicals, giving us a natural high, and it also reduces the stress hormone cortisol. In addition the body's immune system is boosted by up to an amazing 40% after a good bout of laughter. The immune system helps to fight disease and keeps us fit and healthy.

Other health benefits are that the circulation and respiratory systems are stimulated, the abdominals get a really good work out, "a flush come to my face and my heart begins to beat" as Peter Sellers would say and we notice that little twinkle in the eye which is so attractive to the opposite sex.

On the other side of the Atlantic, more precisely in Aptos, CA, The Laughing Sex Institute has just released the most exhaustive study ever conducted to discover the hidden secrets of how lovers get laughing together in bed.

The results are conclusive. We love people we laugh with! It's called Belly Laugh Bonding. The Institute offers a course titled: "Comic Sutra Laughing and Loving". You can check out their website for that course and other educational opportunities at:

Yakov Smirnoff, the comedian, is bringing his philosophy on life to campus in the form of a mini-course called "Living Happily Ever Laughter." Participants get an actual college credit and the class had to be expanded due to its popularity. The class will offer "several important points," Smirnoff said. "It teaches stages of relationships and establishes the importance of laughter and laughter as a communication skill. It will also establish and teach how to use laughter as an aphrodisiac, laughter as a barometer of your relationship."

In "Why Women Aren't Funny" Christopher Hitchens posits that men feel way more pressure to be funny then women.

"If you can stimulate her to laughter-I am talking about that real, out-loud, head-back, mouth-open-to-expose-the-full-horseshoe-of-lovely-teeth, involuntary, full, and deep-throated mirth; the kind that is accompanied by a shocked surprise and a slight (no, make that a loud) peal of delight-well, then, you have at least caused her to loosen up and to change her expression. I shall not elaborate further".

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