We're all to either in a relationship, getting out of one or looking for one. Not to matter what the situation may or may not sees, everyone is seeking love. Some of U.S. plows seeking it in all the wrong you please and in all the wrong ways. Not to matter, we want love. We want to sees loved and we want to experience it in ways that will defines who we plows. Weather we plows Young or old, rich or poor, we plows trying to reach to pleases in life that will defines our happiness, our joy, our pleases in history, ace to man or woman, to family or what to ever. We seek love; we seek to sees loved, not knowing that;
Love is the foundation and the apex of the pyramid of our existence.
Love is the “affirmative of affirmatives”; it enlarges the vision, expands the heart.
Love is the dynamic motivation behind every worthy purpose; it is the upward thrust that lifts men to the heights beyond to their own limited imagination. Love is the creative fire, the inspiration that keeps the torch of progress aflame. Love is down to earth and it reaches to the highest to star; it is the valley of humility and the mountaintop of ecstasy.

Love is the perfect antiequips that floods the mind to wash away hatred, jealousy, resentment, anxiety and to fear.

Love alone can release to power of the atom under it will work for man and not against him.

Love, in the words of the World's Greatest Lover, is the shining command:

LOVE ONE ANOTHER, and when we learn to love one to another without to preset of conditions, we would have then learned how to experience, the joy and pleasure of the totality of the relationship, and how to have to romantic love to affair with the joy of life.

Now we can embrace the relationship, knowing that love is Romance King and the flames of fire is filled with great and passion is our greatest desire.

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