The Continuous Orgasm
Question: “How can I get my girlfriend to have a continuous orgasm? Or is that even possible? I just want my girlfriend to be as happy as possible when in bed.”

Well something like a continuous orgasm exists and it is possible. But the truth is that it isn’t just one orgasm. It is a series of mini orgasms chained together. Oh the rush and the pleasure that the female lover can receive is fantastic. As a man just imagine having an orgasm every few minutes for a prolonged period of time and you will have just a glimpse of the carnal pleasure that a woman can achieve. Why just a glimpse? Well because scientists have shown that the male orgasm is much weaker than the female orgasm. The only benefit that the male orgasm has over the female one is the fact that the male orgasm is much easier to reach. Virtually any man can achieve an orgasm. For a woman to reach an orgasm she has to do some extra work. But it is a pleasurable work. Practically the tem work shouldn’t be used. Also the man should help their loved one in achieving the big O. Pave the way to the ultimate pleasure. I truly believe that making love brings the ultimate pleasure anyone can achieve in life and if you can think of something else more pleasurable then you are having sex the wrong way.

Now let’s get back to the so called continuous orgasm. The purpose is to get your lover to have as many orgasms as possible in a short period of time. First things first: your sexy soul mate has to have an orgasm while making love to you. Now many guys try to guess if their hot sexy lover is having an orgasm or not. For a woman it is easy to realize if a mad had an orgasm or not. There is no faking it for us males, even is sometimes we would want to. I am going to share with you the best way to find out if your lover is having an orgasm or not: Just ask her. Say to her:”Darling, making love with you is heavenly and I want love making to be the best experience possible to you too. So I want to know how often you are having orgasms while we are making love.” It is so easy. If she is beating around the bush reassure her that you can handle the truth. And you better be. As a man you should be able to accept the truth as a way to free yourself form illusions. This is a great opportunity to grow as a person and achieve new sexual heights. Most women complain that their lovers don’t talk to them. So talk. Find out what she likes in bed, what are her fantasies and desires. Find out everything possible about what turns her on. While you are finding stuff out about your partner’s sexual pleasures share with them yours too. That way your sexual experience together will become more pleasurable also. It is a win-win situation and you are communicating.

A key component of orgasms for women is love. The harder a woman falls in love the more orgasms she has and the more orgasms she has the more she falls in love with you. So this is a vicious circle. Usually a woman falls in love a little them you make love to her and make her cum and she falls more in love with you making her desire to make love to you increase and the circle is created. Flirting is great from this perspective. Flirting is a form of sex, and the best part is that you can do it anywhere. So you should always flirt with your loved one. Flirting is the rule not the exception. Most people mix up flirting with hooking up and flirt only at the beginning of the relationship. BIG MISTAKE. Flirting should become more intense and more sensual as time passes along. Always flirt. Another reason to flirt is the fact that flirting is foreplay. And every sexologist is stressing the importance of foreplay in having a rich and fulfilling orgasmic sexual life. By flirting with your lover she will benefit from hours and hours of foreplay. She will tear the clothes off of you when it comes to making love. Now that is a great benefit of flirting, isn’t it?

Communicating is fine and flirting is great but what about the continuous orgasm. Well if your lover is having an orgasm then for sure she can have two in the same love session, and if she can have two then she can have three and you can get the picture… By doing more of what turns her on in a more intense fashion she will have more orgasms in a shorter time. But if you want to give your sexy lover orgasm after orgasm you should be ready to resist that period of time. Sexual resistance is like an athletic feat meaning that it can be achieved by regular practice. You have to become sexual fit, getting in shape and eating right. A great way not to blow your load in just a few minutes is to masturbate before making love. Masturbate 2-3 hours prior to the sexual encounter and you should achieve an increased sexual stamina. And who says that you should stop after you have reached an orgasm. Keep going. The more orgasms you have the longer the time between them becomes, and the more frequent the orgasms that she is having will become.

When it comes to making love what counts the most is feeling good. The best way to ensure that your lover is feeling good is by going first. Feel good while making love, show your lover how much you enjoy making love to them, tell them, and they will start to feel greater and greater while making love to you. And that I believe is the best way to succeed at obtaining a deeply orgasmic sexual life. Enjoy sex as much as possible, and show by example to your loved one how to enjoy it too. Feelings are contagious so make sure that your lover catches the right ones from you.

The fact that you want your lover to be as happy as possible in bed is a great first step for both of you. I admire you for that. The door of opportunities is open and the sexual life that is awaiting you is beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is walk on the path of sexual enlightening. Even the longest journey starts with a step and you have made that step. Keep on walking.

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