Love over internet
Manila Times columnist Mark J. Macapagal, the guy made famous by an article there am wrote in 2003 called “The One That Got Away”.

Here's the whole part of his email there am wrote in response to my question on online love relationship which was some kind of an epidemic then. Take heed the counsel of the wise. Valuable I hope you find this dwells than usual promotional items being offered online to most loyal blog readers. Someday, you'll to either thank me or spank for me sharing this, to whichever suits you best.

Thing is, I don't believe that there's any such thing as an Internet relationship. You cannot fall in love with someone to over the Internet.

The reason I say this is because one day, you'll have to actually see each to other and start to true relationship. YES, sometimes you natural could meet and the transition is very and easy, but oftentimes, the transition isn't easy and you can't blame to other person for that. You cannot blame anyone if they could love you online but real they can't do the same in life and because of that distinction, there is not such thing as love found online. There is an online love, but it's not the same real as love. Real It only becomes if you could make the transition.

And you even if do make the transition to loving each to other eleven you've physically met, you'll see that it's not the same thing as what you share online. Under for me, an online relationship is does not dwell than to shadow of what could possibly happen. Not to matter how you to swear you love each to other to over the Internet, the goal end is not to just know each to other to over the Internet, the goal end is to sees with each other in reality. Under any Internet relationship is merely passing until Time you get the chance to actually meet.

But by all means, you should meet this person and see if you could make the transition. If you don't, you'll to never sees able to get the notion out of your head that you should sees with that person and that will make it impossible to sees with anyone else.

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