Mission Erotica - Choose to Accept it!
Mission Erotica is a spy-themed porno with the basic story of Dom agent Asia Carrera recruiting ex-agent Kobe Tai. The spy stuff is fairly confusing and rather hokey, but does that matter when these two Asian hotties are at the peaks of their physical beauty and sexual heat? They score solidly with b/g and g/g scenes, with the only drawback being that they never get to go one-on-one with each other.

Mission Erotica starts with Kobe Tai entering a house at night and getting attacked by two mysterious intruders. She dispatches them with some clumsily choreographed faux karate that makes her seem like Batgirl (the ‘60s version) without the mask. You almost expect “POW! BAM! SPLAT!” to pop up over the screen. Kobe’s outfit here is quite sexy: a short black leather coat, sequined top and mini, and silver pumps. Her hair is long and teased, and she’s in amazing shape.

At that point, criminal mastermind Mickey G enters. This is another stretch, as Mickey doesn’t exactly exude brilliance, no matter which side of the law we’re talking about. It seems that the bedroom break-in was a little test that Kobe passed brilliantly. Apparently Mickey and Kobe know each other from way back, and there’s still enough embers to rekindle that flame. Not that this is romantic. Kobe just hops on the bed, spreads her legs and says, “Should we just skip the small talk and start fucking?”

Then comes a long stretch of pussy-licking, while Kobe lets out her customary groans. She has a low, whining voice when she moans that is sexy enough to get a guy hard even with the picture off. But don’t do that, or you’ll miss a long, slow bj that is heavy on the deep-throat. Kobe doesn’t let up on the heat here, nor in the sessions of mish and doggie that follow. She looks great and displays major intensity, which carries all the way through til Mickey pops over her butthole and pussy lips.

That night, while the couple doze, some knockout gas is jetted under the door. Three agents wearing white jumpsuits and gasmasks enter. They drug Kobe and place a pistol in her hand, then shoot the sleeping Mickey. Kobe’s slumber must be a type of paralysis, because she’s still holding the pistol in the morning when a SWAT team busts in and arrests her.

Meanwhile, in a high rise executive suite, Asia Carrera is making a type of audio diary that sounds suspiciously like exposition. But thank god someone’s clearing up the plot confusion. (Or is it just beginning?) She describes how one Senator Roth (Randy West) started a group of ex Cold War spies named the Cyrus group. Randy’s supposed to be keeping tabs on them, but inept operatives like Mickey G are no match for the likes of Asia and Kobe. Lengthy explanations are not Asia’s strong suit; her voice’s low timbre, coupled with her mumbly delivery, will keep your thumb glued to the rewind button.

But this is assuming you care about plot, and how could you with Asia plopping down on the leather sofa and removing her cream colored business suit. Asia is perfectly made up in this scene, her hair is long, black and silky, and this is the point in her career when she had a perfect set of natural-looking c-cup implants. She’s playfully sexual in this scene, whether she’s sucking Randy off, riding him hard, getting plowed by him, or receiving his jizz on her pussy.

Asia plants a bug in Senator Randy’s briefcase, but fails to hack into his computer. In case you don’t catch the close-ups of her doing this, she repeats the information out loud in a phone call to one of her “business” associates, drug kingpin Jon Dough. He’s stressed out and taking out his frustrations on his two standard-issue druglord complimentary bimbos, Chloe and
Sindee Coxx. They lounge on the bed, and when Jon unleashes his temper on them, they turn the other cheek, as it were. Actually, then turn their cheeks, lips, tongues, and fingers in the direction of Jon’s huge cock. Dirty blonde Sindee has a busty, semi-trashy look that is just right for playing bad girls like this. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to do much in this fast scene, as John boffs Chloe from behind and only completes the one position before spilling on her butt.

Speaking of bad girls, Kobe wakes up from her nightmares of Mickey’s murder, only to find herself in a squalid women’s prison, where she’s taunted by Nadia and Stephanie Swift. It’s a good thing the set clues us in with the prison bars, because the ladies’ prison uniforms (purple knee-length cotton dresses) make them look more like a girls’ field hockey team. Stephanie and Nadia’s taunting escalates rapidly, in a line or two, to some g/g action that’s designed to either intimidate Kobe or get her turned on. The latter ensues, as Kobe can’t help but stroke her own pussy while Stephanie licks Nadia’s. Meanwhile, the whole scene is being monitored on a hidden camera by the scheming Asia.

Kobe is one of those women who is so hot playing with herself that you almost don’t need the action of the other 2 women to get aroused. Neither does Asia, who peels off her dress and fingers herself just as her underling Missy arrives. Missy hands Asia a drink, then gently starts fondling and kissing Asia’s gorgeous tits, which strain out of their black bra.

As Nadia and Steph continue, Kobe writes on the bed and looks into the camera so much you’d swear she was an exotic dancer or something. Back in the office, Asia goes to work on Missy, fingering her rapidly, then moving to a clear plastic dildo. She is every bit the tough-as-nails career woman she plays so well – dominant, in control, and sexy as hell.

Next, we have a totally unexplained transition to Kobe taking a shower in the bathroom of Asia’s highrise. Apparently Asia has sprung her, and in return for that favor, Asia unleashes her full-bore bitch mode and tells Kobe to work for her. Never the best actress, Asia has trouble remembering her lines here, so she adds a few seductive caresses and Kobe finally agrees. Unfortunately, the suggested g/g scene between Asia and Kobe never comes to pass. Major frustration!

Next comes a rather cheesy montage of Kobe in spy training: she assembles a pistol, primes her demolition skills, hacks a computer, executes some martial arts moves on a guy, and throws knives. It looks a bit too easy, but then a title comes up saying “One Year Later,” so that of course makes it all plausible. Right?

Asia gives Kobe her new assigned identity. She trusts Asia now, and the two of them share more smoldering chemistry. But instead of a g/g, Kobe’s got to move to her new apartment and bump into Mark Davis in the hall. This was back when these performers were together in real life, so their chemistry is palpable. They share a glass of wine in his apartment, which is adorned with so many white candles in candlesticks that it looks like something from “Beauty and the Beast.” This would be a major creep alert for most women, but Kobe doesn’t seem to mind. She plunges into Mark’s waiting embrace. Some licking and fingering from Mark are followed up with an aggressive, passionate blowjob, some heavy duty doggie, then anal, with Mark finishing in her waiting mouth. She lovingly wipes her lips with his cock.

But, he’s not all that he seems. As she dozes on the sofa, he places a phone call and we find out that he’s working for the enemy – who’s none other than a still-living Mickey G. What seems like a major second half plot twist turns out to be the incoherent climax to the movie. Is there a part 2, or did the writer just need to take Robert McKee’s seminar?