Brand new series launching September 2008, (6 x 60’), 8pm

Supersize vs Superskinny’s ANNA RICHARDSON hosts this ambitious new six-part, cross-platform series examining the nation’s sexual mores. Sex Education will examine a wide range of different personal experiences of sexual issues and problems, as well as offering frank advice and solutions.

The UK is in a state of sexual meltdown. STIs are on the rise, school-age abortion rates are at an all-time high, pornography is ubiquitous and it seems that all ages are finding it easier to have sex rather than talk about it.

In each episode Anna Richardson embarks on a very personal investigative journey and explores a number of sex-related themes. Sometimes self deprecating, but always candid Anna examines her own fertility, the dangers of STIs and what it is really like to give birth.

Anna also examines how to have a fulfilling sex life in a long-term relationship- are burlesque, tantric sex or aphrodisiacs the answer to spicing things up?

In a discussion with a studio audience Anna will be talking to everyone from pensioners to teenagers to unearth the real state of sex education in Britain today – what we know, what we don’t know, what we need to know and what we are really getting up to.

Sex Education also looks at teenage sexual behaviour, using the results of a specially-commissioned nationwide survey.

And to accompany the series a video-based website will capture a rich mix of people’s experiences on a broad range of sexual issues, problems and solutions

Produced by Cheetah Television, an Endemol company for Channel 4.

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